Sunday, June 13, 2010

Black bears

Yesterday we got about a half inch of rain preceded by strong wind. This has been the windiest spring I can remember. Today we woke up to a dusting of snow on the peak of Whetstone mountain and a layer of fog half way down the mountain. It was beautiful. As Richard was having coffee at the breakfast table he spotted a black bear on "ski jump hill" across the meadow from our house. He called me and we watched it with the binoculars. As we were watching we spotted another one walking a short distance from the first. They quickly walked into the trees to reappear again 10 minutes later. We watched them for about a half an hour as they made their way down valley from our house.

In the studio today I painted fairy slipper flowers on tiles. I now have a kiln load and will fire tomorrow.

I spent a few minutes in the garden this evening. Some small critter is digging in my columbine garden. I covered the hole and will watch to see if there is more activity. Richard said it is not a gopher, which is the usual culprit.

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