Sunday, April 10, 2011

Artstream celebrates 10 Years

It was fun to be in the exhibition space when Artstream Gallery celebrated their 10th Anniversary. This is a cake made to look like the Artstream Gallery. Congrats to Allegeny Meadows and Sam Harvey for the success of their mobile gallery!! --  I have been an avid viewer of the cake shows on television; e.g. Amazing Wedding Cakes, Ace of Cakes, etc. So I was delighted to see this COOL cake and be there for the cutting of the cake. I even got to taste a piece of cake.  -- I remember the first time I saw the Artstream Gallery 10 years ago at NCECA. It was such a creative idea to convert an old Airstream Travel Trailor into a traveling gallery. I am always happy to see the Artstream and enjoy the amazing functional pottery that they have for sale.

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  1. I was so impressed with the Artstream Gallery! (Wish I'd been around to see the cake, too!)