Thursday, July 29, 2010

CB Arts Festival Demo

I will be doing a demo on Saturday at 10:30am at the Demo Tent in front of Kochevars at 2nd and Elk during the Crested Butte Arts Festival. My booth is at the other end of Elk Avenue. My sister, Linda will be at my booth during that time. The demo will last about 40 minutes. I plan to throw three or four bowls. I was pleased that the Festival send two strong young men to pick up my wheel, clay and tools today. They will have it ready for me at the Demo Tent on Saturday.

My boxes are all packed and ready to take up to the Festival. I will set up tomorrow afternoon. I am very happy to be on the street in front of Rudy's office. I will be able to store back up work in his office and use it as needed during the weekend. I won't be that lucky in Ridgway or Salida.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Crested Butte Art Festival

Phew!! Just finished a full day of handpainting pottery in preparation for the Crested Butte Art Festival this weekend. My booth is #3 and is on the north side of Elk Avenue approximately in front of Rozman Realty. My sister, Linda, arrives on Friday and will help me in my booth. It will be fun to have her here and I am happy to have the help.

Monday, July 12, 2010


I participated in AWEfest yesterday. There were 12 local artists who were part of the festival. We were located on Elk Avenue in Crested Butte just west of the Sunday Farmer's Market. It was a festive day. Lots of folks out and about. Enjoyed a day in the sun and sold some of my pottery. I always love the energy of an arts festival!!

Time to get back in the studio and make work!
Cheers, Donna

Friday, July 9, 2010

Laura Elm and I drove over Kebler Pass to Hotchkiss on Monday. We began getting pedestals and shelves ready for out show at the Creamery Art Center. Spent the night in Delta. Got to the Creamery on Tuesday morning bright and early. Met Mary Jursinovic there and began the task of setting up our pottery show, Comin' Round the Mountain. Finished setting up the show by 4pm and drove to Paonia to the Glennie-Coombe Gallery, I picked up my work from my show there. They kept three pieces to show throughout the summer. Came back to Crested Butte over Kebler Pass, which was a gorgeous drive.

Today we drive back to Hotchkiss for the opening of the show. The reception is from 6-8pm at the Creamery Art Center. Hope to see you there.

Friday, July 2, 2010

ART rageous Day in Crested Butte

The Arts Alliance of the East River Valley will conduct "ART"Rageous, a day of the arts at the Center for the Arts in Crested Butte on Saturday, July 3rd.

There is something for everyone with a variety of activities including live arts demonstrations and a juried show in the Piper Gallery, the final performance of the Crested Butte Mountain Theatre's Guys and Dolls show, a special pops brass band performance offered by the Crested Butte Music Festival and a late evening concert with local favorite Tony Furtado.

Laura Elm and I will be demonstrating from 10am to 3pm at the Center for the Arts. Come by and join the festivities!!!